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Puppy Parties At Longton

A puppy’s experiences in the first few months of their life have been shown to have a significant impact on the development of their confidence and form the foundation of their lifelong social skills. All the vets and nurses at Rogers, Brock & Barker Veterinary Surgeons want to help you give your puppy the best chances to be happy and healthy so we hold regular puppy parties.

At present we do not hold puppy parties at Longton, but we can refer you to our Blythe Bridge practice where parties are held every Thursday. Spaces do fill up fast so make sure to contact us to book your spot.

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The Aims of Longton's Puppy Parties

Our puppy parties have three main aims;

  1. Socialisation - To provide a safe setting for your puppy to socialise with others of a similar age at a similar stage of their development.
  2. Education - To provide owner education towards a lifelong friendship with your new puppy, starting with, How To Socialise.
  3. Introduction - To provide a positive introduction for your puppy to the veterinary environment.

Healthy Pet Club Pet Healthcare Scheme

Our Healthy Pet Club healthcare scheme helps you budget monthly for your pet’s regular health-checks.

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