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Pet Insurance for Longton

We strongly recommend taking out pet insurance to complement our Healthcare Scheme. Pet insurance will help you cover the cost of any veterinary treatment that your pet requires for illness or injury.

Choosing the right plan for you

As a practice we recommend Pet Plan as we believe they offer a superior range of insurance products. If you’d like some advice on the right plan for your pet why not pop in to speak to our reception team who are regularly trained and updated so they can help you in this important decision.

Insurance claims at Rogers, Brock & Barker Veterinary Surgeons

We recommend that you read your policy document carefully to see what your pet is covered for. Most policies come with an excess, which you’ll need to pay for each treatment.

Please remember that a full excess is payable for each condition for each policy year even if the condition is a continuation. If you’d like help with anything to do with your claim just pop in anytime to our surgery with your paperwork.

Important Note

As with human health insurance if you move your pet to a new insurance company they will almost always exclude any claim for ongoing diseases and pre-existing conditions, so please do come and chat to us before you stop any existing policy.

Emergency Vet

Emergency Vet

If you have an emergency at any time, call our emergency vets for help 01782 319847.

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