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Emergency Vet in Longton

Emergencies, by their nature, can happen at any time day or night. If you have an emergency at any time you can call the emergency vets at our Longton surgery for help.

Call01782 319847

Out of Hours Emergency Cover

We want our vets to be fresh, lively and professional every day to give your pets the best care possible. So whilst Bruce and Wayne sleep at night, the team at Vetsnow, a dedicated private 24-hour emergency care team take over, working from our Longton surgery.

Our emergency vets and nurses have extra training in those acute crises where quick thinking and specific knowledge can be life saving. They cover cases for all our clients providing emergency pet care across Staffordshire.

What happens in an emergency

In any emergency always try to remain calm and phone our 24 hour emergency number, 01782 319847, before you travel, to check which location to attend.

  1. You’ll bring your pet into the surgery where a thorough examination will be completed.
  2. The duty vet will discuss the options and work with you to decide the best treatment plan for your pet.
  3. You may need to pay the emergency vet at the time of the treatment.
  4. Depending on the details of your specific pet insurance we’ll then help you to make a claim to recover the majority of the cost of the emergency (minus your policy excess).

Three steps to minimise the chances of an emergency visit

Some emergencies are unavoidable but in general prevention is always better than cure. We do everything we can to minimise the chances of you needing an out of hours Vet by offering services like our pet healthcare plan, same day appointments for ill pets and our free email newsletter, that you can sign up for now.

Rogers, Brock & Barker Veterinary Surgeons service - Emergency care


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