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Pet Isolation Unit

For pets with contagious diseases

The isolation ward at Leek Road is a separate room built specifically to treat pets with contagious diseases. This unit has been designed to keep infectious animals apart from the general pet population in our Abbey Hulton surgery and utilises the latest ‘barrier nursing’ techniques to maintain the highest levels of isolation.

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Other In-patient Facilities For Your Pet

If necessary the pets in our isolation unit receive intensive care from our vets and fully qualified nursing staff. If your pet does not need the level of care offered in this ward then your vet will talk you through the other in-patient wards & facilities available.

Get access to all our facilities free of financial worries

Our Isolation unit is just one of a host of specialist facilities available to care for your pet. We always recommend taking out pet insurance to help you cover the cost of any veterinary treatment that your pet requires for illness or injury.

Pet Insurance

Cover the cost of veterinary treatment that your pet requires for unexpected illness or injury.

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