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Intensive care

Intensive care services for pets in Abbey Hulton

Complementing our range of acute services is our intensive care ward where your pet’s critical care needs can be met. Like our other specialist facilities the Intensive Care ward is supervised by our vet and nursing staff offering the most appropriate care option for very poorly pets.

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Prevention is better than cure

Help minimise your pet’s chances of needing to use acute facilities, like our intensive care ward, by taking advantage of the preventative services we offer, like our V.I.P. pet healthcare scheme or by signing up for our free email newsletters.

Cover the cost of acute care

Pets that need our Intensive Care facility are clearly going to be quite poorly and possibly subject to a number of other acute services. To help manage the cost of this unfortunate state of affairs we strongly recommend taking out pet insurance help you cover the cost of any veterinary treatment that your pet requires for illness or injury.